Winter Cocktails

Taste of the Tropics

Winter Cocktails

Blood Orange & Ginger Margarita

Winter has just begun and already we are dreaming of warmer temperatures and sunny days.  Some of us have the opportunity to spend these chilly New York months in more suitable climates South of our frozen beaches, while those of us who stay and withstand the cold and snow can only imagine ourselves on lounge chairs with palm trees and warm breezes.  Let Fifth Season take you there!

Our seasonal ingredients send us South to the more tropical states for produce this time of year.  While our local farms are barren and awaiting the coming of Spring, Florida and California are growing their citrus and Hawaii is growing it’s pineapple.  Our menu keeps with domestic ingredients nationwide and allows us to “travel” to these warm areas and enjoy the fruits of their labors while we sit by the fireplace and enjoy a little well deserved R&R.  So let’s not focus on the dreary boredom that Winter has the ability to instill…let’s make winter cocktails from our sister state’s ingredients and relish in our down time with snowy days and our very own tastes of the tropics.

The Ruby Red Grapefruit Martini is back!  Of all my concoctions, this one is by far the most requested all year long.  Come down to the restaurant and let Beth, Julio, Colleen, Kelli or Anthony shake up one of these tangy treats with its Sugar Frosted Rim and Grapefruit Infused Vodka.  Or try the Vanilla Pineapple Cocktail with House-made Vanilla Simple Syrup and Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum or the new Dark & Stormy with Goslings Black Seal Rum and Ginger Beer.  These are sure to place you on a yacht with winds in your sails cruising around the Florida Keys.

My baby this year, brand new to the winter cocktails list, is the Blood Orange & Ginger Margarita.  One sip and it’s an instant vacation!  Fresh Blood Orange Puree and Cuervo Tequila with Lemon & Lime and a Candied Ginger-Salt Rim satisfies any need to wipe out Winter blues and replace them with those palm trees and warmth we can only imagine.

Whether you spend your evening enjoying these drinks with us, or at home snuggling in your favorite sweater and slippers, close your eyes for a moment and feel.