Impress your Guests from the start!

A Welcome Drink sets the tone for any type of event, occasion or experience.  I remember the first welcome drink I received as a young girl as I boarded a Royal Caribbean cruise ship.  The tall pink concoction topped with a wedge of pineapple, orange wheel and bright red cherry was beautiful and gorgeously grown up.  I knew this was not going to be like any of the other family vacations I had been on. This common practice of hospitality is the perfect opportunity to kickstart the theme of your party and bring all of the elements together (invitations, decor, menu selections). Or if you don’t have a theme, a chance to present some good old fashioned hospitality.

Here are a few ideas from our past events to inspire you, whether you are planning a casual fete in your backyard or a lavish affair.


1. Refresh guests at an outdoor event with Fruit or Herb Infused Water

Lime & Mint Infused Water

Lime & Mint Infused Water

2.  Pass a Seasonally Inspired Cocktail

Image By: Kelly Prizel Photography

Cucumber Cocktail

3. Set up a Display of your Favorite Cocktail

signature cocktail for the groom

Old Fashioned


4. Mason Jar Whimsy!

Mason Jar Cocktail

Mason Jar Cocktail

5. Present on a large Mirror or Silver/Gold Tray for glamour or elegance

mirrored serving tray

Mirror Serving Tray

It’s all in the details…