All Natural Smoked Kielbasa, Housemade Potato and Gruyere Pierogies, Honey Crisp Apple & Caramelized Onion Chutney

Smoked Kielbasa and Housemade Potato and Gruyere Pierogies with Honey Crisp Apple  & Caramelized Onion Chutney

This dish that is so simple, really brings back so many memories of my childhood.

Smoked kielbasa was a staple in my house growing up. We had a small back up fridge in our basement, that we would keep soda and holiday foods in, and when I would open it and smell that kielbasa,(My mother made my father put it down stairs because it would smell the whole house, if it was upstairs in main fridge.) I knew that it was close to the weekend, since my father would make smoked kielbasa and eggs every Sunday morning.  He had his business in Jamaica Queens, and for some reason he would always come home with the best smoked kielbasa and seedless rye bread.

If we did not have smoked kielbasa and eggs, he would make smoked kielbasa layered with potato, onion, and sauerkraut, for dinner one day during the week. I still can’t decide which I like better.

Since my wife and I work such crazy schedules especially in the summer time, my parents often watch the kids for the weekend, and when we call to talk with them, my son would say “dad, poppy made kielbasa and eggs.” and when he says that he puts a smile on my face, because even after all these years and generations later this is  a memory that stays alive and is now in my kids lives.

So I would like to thank my father for going that extra mile or two to get that smoked kielbasa every week, and even still for my kids.

As I think back I suddenly realized that due to crazy schedules my house today really does not have any kind of consistent rituals of food that my kids can take with them, granted they are 2 and 4, but its never too late to start.

-Chef/Owner Erik Orlowski