Charcuterie by definition is “cold cooked meats collectively, ” which is the essence of what I love about these platters.  Food is meant to be enjoyed shared, an interactive experience among friends or family.  These meats co-exist, while simultaneously enhancing the overall experience. It also gives us an excuse to experiment with cooking and smoking various meats.

We began our relationship with the Corwin family of Crescent Duck Farm in Aquebogue, located on the East End of Long Island, more than ten years ago.  Their ducks have a naturally rich flavor perfect for the pate we are preparing with fresh figs. The berkshire pork belly is made from pasture raised heritage breed pigs and this well marbled meat is exceptionally tender on its own.  For the charcuterie, we are slow smoking it for six hours to further tenderize it and bring out the meat’s sweetness.

We source the other artisanal meats from small family run producers in the United States. The proscuitto is produced and cured by the Eckhouse family of La Quercia in Iowa and the wild boar sausage is crafted using Texas wild boar and all natural pork belly seasoned with cloves and juniper berries by the Creminelli family.

Completing the platter are house made caramelized onion and tarragon aioli and golden raisin chutney, pickled pearl onions, and whole grain mustard. The dish inspired one of our own, Mark Giannelli, to handcraft the wooden boards for the charcuterie. We invite you to share and enjoy!