Banana Cilantro Martini

Summer Herbs

Summer Herbs

With warmer temperatures, our pools and patios are dusted off and opened, the lawns and gardens are green and lush and Long Island’s very own farm-stands are teaming with an abundance of fruits and vegetables for the picking.

     This summer, I brought back the crowd favored Cucumber Martini in it’s simple glory but decided to add a few new touches to some familiar favorites to spruce up the recipes and make them a little more herbaceous.  Herbs were definitely an inspiration when creating the Summer 2014 drink list.  Cilantro, Lavender, Basil & Oregano all give our specialty cocktails a fresh, clean flavor, adding to not only the aroma and taste of each sip but the complexity of the recipes.

     My favorite this season is the Banana Cilantro Martini.  I wanted to take the idea of the Piña Colada with its cool creaminess and give it a unique and daring twist with a completely different flavor profile.  A little doubt but zero hesitation brought us the perfect combination of Captain Morgan’s Rum with Fresh Banana Puree & Cilantro and this delicious Summer beverage was born!

     Come down on a sunny afternoon and sit on our patio; watch the boats sail by and let one of our mixologists pour you a refreshing Banana-Cilantro Martini!         But if your own deck is calling your name, here’s the recipe to create for yourself:  Enjoy!-Deborah


Banana-Cilantro Martini

1 oz. Captain Morgans

½ oz. Banana Liqueur

½ oz. Simple Syrup

¼ oz. Lemon Juice

1 oz. Banana Puree

Muddled Cilantro & Lemon Wedges

Shake and Strain into Martini Glass

Cilantro Sprig Float