Sweet Potato Cocktail

Here we are again!  It’s our 6th lovely Autumn Season and some of my favorite of all cocktail concoctions are back.  The Bartlett Pear & Ginger Martini is always a sure hit while the Spiced Apple Cider Martini reminds us of the upcoming holidays that really are just around the corner.

 My “oldies but goodies” are well remembered and enjoyed but this year, I insisted on thinking outside of the box.  I dared myself to create a drink that would raise eyebrows and initiate conversation.  I think this new one certainly does just that.

 The Sweet Potato Cocktail…I’ve been challenged with this idea for a while.  Do I make it sweet & safe with hints of marshmallow and autumn spices to compliment dessert?  Or rather take a different approach and make it something we can enjoy at any time?  I asked the chefs to produce a sweet potato “base” that I could work with and after a couple of days the puree was created.  Mind you, we worked with a sweet potato infused simple syrup, we tried a raw ingredient, even a smash to try to find the best additive to meet with my idea of a savory, any-time delicious cocktail.  Our bartenders and staff added their input:  Savory is great.   This is not your expected creamy nutmeg infused beverage.  It’s an interesting and amazing cocktail that uses Goslings Black Seal rum, fresh lemon juice and muddled orange & sage to create a drink that not only challenges you to go outside of your comfort zone but enjoy the flavors this season has to offer in a new and unique way.   Enjoy!

Sweet Potato Cocktail

1 Orange Wedge (NO RIND!) muddled with 2-3 Sage Leaves

2 oz. Goslings Black Seal Rum

½ oz. Fresh Lemon Juice

1 oz. Simple Syrup

1 Tbsp Sweet Potato Puree

Garnish: Sage Leaf Floater

Old Fashioned Glass